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Welcoming Back the Global Citizens Network

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Welcoming Back the Global Citizens Network

By Sue Punch

This spring and summer (May 15-26 and July 13-20) the Global Citizens Network (GCN) partners will be returning to La Push with their 15th and 16th teams of cross-cultural participants since 2004. It has been a privilege and honor to have established and maintained this long term relationship kept strong by our shared values of:


  • Peace, justice, respect, cross-cultural understanding and global cooperation
  • The preservation of indigenous cultures, traditions and ecologies
  • The enhancement of the quality of life around the world


Over these past nine years, the Quileute people have graciously hosted a wide range of GCN participants, including intergenerational teams, students, and corporate groups. These GCN groups have shared in and been personally enriched by many community events, including Elders Week, Quileute Days, Drum Group, and story times on First Beach. Additionally, GCN groups have engaged in efforts to finish Oceanside Resort, renovate local community housing, landscape community spaces, spend time with the youth at the Quileute Tribal School, and more.


During May 15-26, Quileute will be hosting a group of GCN students from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. These students are focusing on social service in their college school work with a strong desire to learn about other cultures by building personal relationships with La Push community members.


From July 13-20, the tribe will welcome an intergenerational GCN group who pause their lives at home to spend time learning and broadening their view of the world. We hope all of our GCN family and Quileute friends will be enriched by the time spent together—carry many stories, memories, and friendships forward and our lives and world made better for having shared these experiences together.


Please mark your calendars now for the May and July dates, to look for and connect as global citizens.


  1. We are counting down to our day of arrival on the 15th. All of the students are extremely excited to connect and get to know you, our global friends, in La Push! Sue